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Pacific classic/weisscannon scorpion. 56/53

Stringing-again, I hate stringing gut mains and poly crosses, but weisscannon strings are pretty easy. Not too bad. No friction burn.

Groundstrokes- and so it begins. This impressed me in virtually every way possible. Great spin, control, and power. Placement was easy and consistent, and it made the absolute most beautiful sound when you hit it. It made that popping crack sound everyone loves. I'd gladly pay 10 bucks a string job just to have that sound on every setup.

Volleys- again, really good. It's really soft, and provides a nice feedback. Touch shots were great, and driving volleys as well as overheads were great.
Overall- 9/10

Serves- you know what i said about the b5e addiction hybrid? This was the same. It just clicked. Nice pop, great kick, and it made that addicting cracking sound.

Durability- this looks about average. Which is slightly below average.
Overall- 6.5/10

Softness-1 being the softest, 10 being the stiffest.

This is far and away my favorite setup. It does everything really well and it's soft as well. Plays great.
Overall- 9.5/10 (for durability)

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