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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Will taking supplements overcome eating too much (by the way, since we eat too much, we're not only overeating kcal/protein/fat but getting extra vites/minerals with the excess macronutrients), being lazy, stress, too much fast food?

I can't find the evidence-based articles/studies showing that supplements increase lifespan or improve disease states better than food sources. Could you post them?

If creatine makes you stronger for more than one or two cycles, then I would say you are the recipient of the 'placebo' effect.

I need to find your joint supplements, because it hasn't worked that way for me or most people.

Your other supplements, niacin, flax and fish oil are easy to get from diet.
I never said supplements are a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. If you eat greasy fast food almost every day, you're making a choice to shorten your life.

There's plenty of research on supplements on the internet. I don't feel compelled to look for them, nor do I need proof beyond what I already observed myself. Some people saved their own lives by taking experimental cancer treatments. If something doesn't work for me, I stop taking it. We aren't talking about drugs here, these are natural supplements.

I would really love it if all my supplements were just placebos. Then all I'd have to do is think that I'm taking something healthy. Kinda like what a Christian Scientist thinks (those guys who say you shouldn't take medication because all conditions are mental). Nearly every serious bodybuilder and strength athlete takes Creatine. With all that support behind it I seriously doubt that you can argue it's a placebo effect.

There are some supplements I know I can get through diet. It's just too much of a pain to get some of them. I might have to catch some sharks to get joint supplements, and that could be dangerous! LOL
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