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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I already stated I found a good supplement and wondered who else was taking it. I didn't expect every anti supp naysayer to come in and be condescending about it.

Like Ramon said, I wish these things did not work because I won't buy them. There are tons of people who take joint supplements prescribed by docs.

I will not touch the Euro health thing..that is just not even applicable to the conversation. The typical American diet is horrible, and we all know this.
I don't take that one.
If you eat poorly supplements help.
If you eat healthy supplements help.
Some supplements have a great amount of studies done with very good results.

Some can keep arteries clear and muscles functioning longer in life by slowing down glycation for example(carnosine is good for this).

I checked the ingredients in Orange Triad, it looks pretty good, pretty basic.

I like to take a solid multi, much more extensive than anything here and to that is added a lot of other stuff, including herb, fruit and vegetable extracts to target what I want. I have to review my regimen almost everyday so it's fun to do.

I've monitored blood results using different combinations instead of using a prescription for statins. Brought everything down to the low range except HDL which jumped +50%. It took six months using supplements. Didn't think my blood pressure would drop from 115/72 but it did to 95-100/60-65.
Then ran out of my stuff and kind of forgot about it, so my readings approached the original bad ones.
My doctor said he needs to catch up on supplements.
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