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Originally Posted by maggmaster View Post
Yes lets assume that we are not all eating like idiots, since we are posting in a health and fitness forum. Maybe someone should make a sticky. I do not understand anti-supplement bias, I am fine with people who decide not to take supplements based on the merits. I find that pubmed is a valuable resource in determining what will and will not help you. Go there and search for the ingredients in your supplement, then decide if you think the effects are worth the money.

Creatine Monohydrate has many studies which prove its effectiveness in strength building. The question has always been, can you maintain any of that strength post cycle, the answer for me was no. If you were trying to peak for a particular strength based event though, it may be worthwhile.
There were a lot of studies backing creatine, I tried it out in the gym with no results whatever.

So what happened to the studies?

I don't know but since I bought a kilo it was enough to try a few times.... nothing.
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