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Originally Posted by TennisCoachFLA View Post
Protein supplements and multivitamins are simply excreted by the body. A balanced and healthy diet is all that is needed. If your doctor runs a lab panel that shows a deficiency, then you would need supplementation. But the vast majority of us are just fine without any of that stuff.

Creatine is also a myth and in your head. It simply causes you to retain water. The body can not process the massive amounts of creatine in a supplement.

In a double blind study, creatine had no more effect than a placebo in regards to improving endurance. Studies also found that combining with caffeine, common in supplements, completely obliterates all effects of creatine.
^^ You have obviously never lifted weights before if you don't think protein supplements and creatine help. Either that or you eat about 180 grams of protein from red meat every day.
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