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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
This sounds like a good one, could you please elaborate on the circumstances?
He started out on the wrong foot by greatly exaggerating his tennis background and ability. He didn't just give me a wild guess of a self rating, he told me specifics about college playing, tournaments, ect. He generally has a bad attitude. When he loses a match (which is often) he walks off in a huff and doesn't talk to anyone. He doesn't participate in practices, does not go out with the team after matches. All of this is not grounds for not playing him. I could deal with all of this stuff.

Final straw was telling via email that he was not showing up for a match a couple hours before the match. The reason was not an emergency and a forseeable circumstance. He left me scrambling trying to find someone that late forcing me to spend time at work calling numerous people. I finally got someone to play- but he was a guy that hadn't signed up for the team so I had to sign him up and pay his registration fee. He never apologized and treated the whole thing as no big deal.
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