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Wow! I've never read so much negative stuff about Creatine from guys who are into sports. Creatine is relatively cheap compared to other supplements and the only health risk I heard about it is possible kidney failure, which can be monitored through urine testing. If you have too much creatinine in your urine, you can cut back on protein and creatine.

When I was about 30 years old, my bench press plateaued at just under 200 lbs. I tried to bench 200 and I couldn't get it up all the way. After I started taking creatine, within a month I was working up to 225. After about a year I maxed out at 305 lbs (I made sure I had a guy watching me do it). Over the years my lifestyle, fitness routine, and supplements have changed on and off regularly. We all go through periods where we don't feel as strong in the gym as we should. Very often, that coincided with stopping creatine for a couple weeks.

For those who say that the effect is temporary, won't work past the loading phase, etc., I beg to differ. Strength training is all about intensity and focus. Creatine not only makes you stronger, it also improves your attitude in the gym and allows you to make your workouts more intense. If part of the reason is that the heavier weights makes you more motivated, then so be it. Having more intense workouts in the gym on a regular basis gives you permanent and lasting results.

Creatine is not a miracle supplement that will make you stronger and stronger the more you take, but aside from illegal drugs, it's the best one out there for strength. To get the most out of it, you need to be an intense warrior in the gym. This means doing forced reps while someone is spotting you for the last 2-3 that you can't do yourself, negative reps, supersets, muscle confusion, etc. If you're expecting something that will make you stronger and stronger while you do easy, casual workouts in the gym, you'll be sorely dissappointed.

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