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Originally Posted by zumzool View Post
Jason - Can you comment on the Slazenger? i know it's a stiff racquet and you've had shoulder issues...
Yes. Hmm, how should I put this? I LOVE this racquet! We just finished shooting our review video for it so I've been hitting consistently with it for a while now. It's very easy to swing and has a solid and crisp feel. Even though it's very maneuverable, there is still enough weight that I don't feel like the racquet gets over powered. For the majority of the playtest, I used either a full multi setup or hybrid and had no problems. Just recently, I strung it up with a full set of poly. I think it might be a combination of the full poly as well as too much time on the court lately, but my shoulder issue has come back to haunt me.

If you have arm issues, but still want to try out this racquet, then I'd definitely recommend stringing it up with either a multi-filament/natural gut or do a hybrid set up.

As I sit here typing with a ice pack on my shoulder, I will still stand behind the Slazenger Pro Braided. In my opinion, it's that good!

Jason, TW
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