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Originally Posted by Laurie View Post
Yes I'd heard about the Stefan Edberg situation. That was unfortunate. To be fair, the only reason I find it amusing is because no one got hurt.

Interesting that you were a professional umpire at one stage.
Laurie, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. Yes, many of us found it funny....I also have that match on VHS tape, it was hilarious. Yes, of course if Jim had actually hurt Dana it wouldn't be funny at all, but that didn't happen. After all, it's always funny until Dana loses an eye! MUHAHAHAAHAHA!

Was Jim's action ill-advised? Most certainly but talking about death is asinine. It's completely unrealistic. I'd be more concerned about eye damage, and even that is quite a stretch, though sunglasses could be dangerous in that situation. As for Edberg, that happened once in tennis history, to a very unhealthy man. The lawsuit itself is a complete waste of societies resources. His death could not be forseen, and the serve itself was not even the cause, but merely a trigger in a chain of events.
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