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Originally Posted by Orion3 View Post
With low tension poly, the normal 'pop' isn't there on serve and the sound on groundstrokes seems muted. Normally if I hit a sliced backhand vs a drop shot you know the difference - not yesterday.

Spin generation is phenomenal though- if I am messing around with my kids, I sometimes hit with extreme spin; drop shots/sliced backhands/forehands with the rear face of a SW/western griped forehand. Yesterday (my first hit with low tension) I was getting similar results from the rear side of an eastern forehand and the normal slice from a continental gripped backhand was really biting.

Playing a match tomorrow morning so will report more later.
thanks for the reply.. have you used the racquet with higher tensions? Is it less muted?

Has anyone else noticed the frame is muted as Orion suggests, regardless of tension?
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