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Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
DQ'ing people at Nationals doesn't sit right with me because at that point it's a ton of tennis and a ton of money laid out over the course of the season to get there.
Just for the sake of discussion, why, then, would it be OK for a legitimate player to spend all that time and money, sometimes over many years/seasons to arrive at Nationals, only to lose to a sandbagger-ringer? In the womens example I gave earlier, the player was clearly hidden in doubles, played the bare minimum to qualify for further playoffs/advancement, then shared travel expenses with her mother (who was also on the team). Her third strike probably would have come early in the Nationals process and would likely have affected the outcomes of their flight and, ultimately, the Championship match. What do you say to the teams left in the wake of that scheme? Even the USTA officials on-site were apologetic, recognizing that their system had definitely been, well, played (to perfection, obviously).

The local and sectional level needs to address it better.
Absolutely. BUT, as I see it, there's no incentive for them to do it. In fact, I believe it to be the opposite -- why not allow the engineered team to progress, hoping for a National Championship for their District/Section to brag about. Until National USTA tightens the reins, it'll never happen at the lower levels.

There's plenty of easy fixes too. They can start with the people who register using their middle name or re-registering and purposefully rating themselves lower than their computer ranking.
Actually, I think that's one of the harder ones for the computer and/or opposing teams to catch. There's a current example of that scenario in the Florida district and, despite seemingly overwhelming evidence of it, little action was taken. No, I'm fast becoming a firm believer that self-rates should not be allowed in playoffs at all. Period. That's the easiest, cleanest fix to most of this foolishness.

Nationals was still a blast and awesome experience, but it was a tad ridiciulous watching a couple teams win every match 5-0 with some bagels sprinkeled amongst the set scores. That should not be happening at the National Level.
I'm really glad you had a great time in AZ. It's a chance I'll probably never have (and that's quite OK with me) but I'm truly excited for those that do. Keep up the good playing...and you might get there again.
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