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Jim A
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I tend to serve a couple inches behind the baseline to avoid the footfault calls in most league play. If they call it and they are wrong where I'm obviously still behind the line I claim the point and move on since they ended play. Dealt with some people this year that were justusing it as a way for cheap points (not saying I don't because I do at times, but in this case it was only on 2nd serves w/no official at Districts and if the official isn't calling it when there I'm thinking there's not an issue)

Only one person this year has been so beyond the line that I've brought it up. It was actually before the match. He was 1-2' inside the baseline by the time he hit the ball and played serve and volley. I just made a friendly reminder during the warmups. Typically I expect someone to be a couple inches inside at my level. Never mind that I couldn't come close to seeing that from the other side of the court.
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