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Looks like I am in! Still looking for that perfect string setup. Demo had a mushy PSGM 16g setup and it was actually so buttery smooth with unreal ball pocketing i actually liked it (don't crash me too hard as I know it's not as sexy as full poly)

Tried out B5E/Max Touch yesterday at 52/56 and did not find it near as plush/comfy as was expecting and had lost some "pop" Think i need to lower tension down or better yet--am going to go full synthetic or multi--especially since the temps are starting to cool down a little. Have been suffering with some GE issues for a while now and just don't think i'm ready for poly. I'm fine on groundies--but on the serve is what bothers the elbow/tricep. Therefore--thinking of going full NXT, Xcel or even Addiction as i have sets of all in my bag. Any suggestions? Tension?
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