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I was happily weighing my options for an intended purchase of a first stringer around the first of the year, but a friend just dropped an older Klippermate in my lap, so thankfully, my splash into stringing has started sooner than expected.

Last weekend, with my friend's help, I strung one racquet. This weekend, I strung one racquet on Saturday and one on Sunday. Wow, do I have a lot to learn! I'm watching tutorial after tutorial, especially on how to start mains with only the Klippermate's two floating clamps and tying knots.

I've learned a lot in a few weeks, but have a ways to go. I'm actually quite satisfied with both stringjobs this weekend, but on my tie-offs, I cannot eliminate the slack string on the outside of the frame. I've tried the two half hitch, the Parnell, and the Wilson pro, and even after pushing the string up the anchor string and arc-ing back, I cannot eliminate the slack on the outside of the frame, on the crossover before tying off. Any suggestions?
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