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Originally Posted by ClairHarmony View Post
I have corny keg as well, it already came pre-fitteed for tennis ball recharging. It was I believe $60 or so on clearance from a fly-by-night tennis ball cannister charging company around 11 years ago. I did not know what the rebadged pressurized cannisters they were selling were called...but now I know! Learn something new everyday, corny kegs!
Glad to help with the identification
BUUUT, the one to me FATAL problem with this execution was that the opening on the corny kegs used was obviously NOT designed with tennis bobo ball use in mind.
Yep -- as I mentioned in post #47 above...bit fiddly. Not, IMHO as bad as you make out though -- I upend the keg in one arm and put my other hand in the opening and use it to "deliver" the balls as you put it. I can more or less pour them into the pratice bucket in a matter of as upending a 5 gallon paint bucket full of balls?? No, but not fatally tedious.
This said, I eventually soon found the thing pointless after that first case of balls. The tennis ball savers from Unique sports, bought three of them to hold a total of 9 balls. They work not quite as well, as for sure the balls don't feel good as new each time you play; but they're close enough to be more than need to ferment them in the trash can just yet.
Doing that is a lot more expensive if you need enough balls to fill a decent size practice hopper or worse yet a ball machine. It probably comes down to what your usage model is...if a smaller number of balls is good, the keg is probably overkill and more trouble than its worth, I agree.

Regarding pressure delivery, I should perhaps state that I had a light duty compressor to hand (air power tools) before I started on the tennis ball science experiment. That takes all the "work" out of it for sure
Beyond this board, no one really cares enough about these to mass produce and special order them...
No further qualification required, I'd say...this is clearly into mad scientist territory in my book and although I get good results I got at least as much fun out of treating it like a science fair project with my kids as anything else -- cheapish engineering and physics lesson with a dash of entertainment and I get a "green" attaboy for recylcing as well
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