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YOU guys have the best snow, light and powdery, dry and cold. Colorado is a close third with Idaho.
Tahoe except 3 days a season, get's wet, heavy, clumpy new snow. Average temps at Tahoe is only 28 or so, with very few days into the lower 20's while it's snowing. I does happen, and those days, I'm digging myself out of 8' piles because I can't resist tree boarding.
I have hit some 10 degree dry powder days with over 6' freshies, but first track runs can spend some serious digging time to get thru the "flats".
I've had 187 RossiHauteRoutes for my old powder skis, switched to some wider Head's of various experimental models around the mid '70's, got on Hexcel Sundance 195's for a decade, and now board freshies with a RideRocketReeve or an old 174 BurtonSupermodel.
Our dream boarding trip would be an Alaskan Heli Tour, or maybe Heli backcountry Colorado/Utah/Idaho.
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