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Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
Seems that some experienced stringers do & some don't increase tension, but most don't feel it makes much difference. Many feel it doesn't hurt, unless you forget to readjust the machine. What I find interesting is those who defend one method as though they have studied the effects & have empirical data, to support their stance, that applies to all stringers. Sorry Lsmkenpo, but the main "valid" reason that people say they do it, is to compensate for the tension they loose when tying off. You have no idea how much tension "they" loose & maybe they do need to compensate! Your dogmatic statements are of not very helpful & should be prefaced by making it clear that it is your opinion & nothing more.

Actually it should not be very hard to figure out how much you have to pull extra to make up for the drawback you loose. Pull tension and watch it drawback. It is not uncommon to see the string drawback 1/8". Now pull tension on the string again with enough added tension to pull the string 1/4" more. 1/8" to make up for the drawback you had and another 1/8" for the next time. Now hopefully (if your stringer will pull enough tension) the next time it will only drawback 1/8" again. Tie it off and you are all set.

Of course I would not recommend this procedure.

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