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Originally Posted by Pneumated1 View Post
Well, I thought so, but I just realized that I've strung two racquets with full syn. gut that call for a one piece, and I did a two piece. There's no need abusing a grommet with a starting knot when not necessary. Oh well, that won't be my last mistake; that's for sure!

Now, to the one piece vs. two piece stringing. I've looked up several racquets from several different manufacturers, and the only one I've found so far that recommends a two piece is Head. That being the case, I need to learn to do a one piece. I understand the concept of pre-running the string out on my short side to determine my length, but I'm a little unclear as to why some string the first cross or two with the short side, while others string all of the crosses with the long side. Any help here would be appreciated. And thanks in advance!
If you use the short side to run the top cross and hold that top cross with a starting clamp and tie it off last your drawback is be almost nothing. Also I think tying off the top and bottom crosses only is a very good idea.

The reason you have no drawback when you tie off the top and bottom crosses after stringing is done is because the string bed is much stiffer and the mains hold your clamps in place.

Then there is ATW when you mains end at the throat. Some ATW patterns allow you to tie off the top and bottom crosses only with and you will never have a blocked hole or hard weave.

But all these methods have their downfall and there are problem anytime you do not string the racket as the manufacturer recommends.

EDIT: By the way Jason Costello told me Babolat recommends two piece for all their rackets but one piece is ok.

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