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Originally Posted by rjw View Post
If you decide to look at the Stringway SBS calculator and/or string hybrids or differening main/cross tensions, then you'll have to go 2 piece.

I don't like or use starting knots, but again, ask 10 people and get 10 different answers.

warning: rookie stringer here
Thanks. I hit the BB London, and I drop my crosses 2-4 lbs., so I'll have to continue the two piece on it, I guess. I'm entertaining the idea of a starting clamp to go with the two floating clamps on my Klippermate so that I can tie off that starting cross, instead of using the starting knot. Here's another question, though: once you've started using starting knots, does that create too much crush in the grommet to subsequently start using tie-off knots like the Wilson Pro, Parnell, or two half hitch? Or would the starting knot and tie-off knot even share the same grommet?

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