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Originally Posted by ClairHarmony View Post
I have corny keg as well, it already came pre-fitteed for tennis ball recharging. It was I believe $60 or so on clearance from a fly-by-night tennis ball cannister charging company around 11 years ago. I did not know what the rebadged pressurized cannisters they were selling were called...but now I know! Learn something new everyday, corny kegs!

BUUUT, the one to me FATAL problem with this execution was that the opening on the corny kegs used was obviously NOT designed with tennis bobo ball use in mind. Great for getting drunk, but not so much tennis. It's too small I tell you! Meanning in other words, you can't POUR your balls in and out of the thing...only one measely ball at a time, maybe two if I'm generously stretching my memory a bit.

Does the thing work? Absolutely. I never had to overcharge the balls. I just left them at 15-17 PSI which was fine as I would oepn a new batch of Grand Priz balls and leave them in there. Basically, just take out 9 to play each time, then dump them when the felt was gone. Polayed like new the whole time.

This said, I eventually soon found the thing pointless after that first case of balls. The tennis ball savers from Unique sports, bought three of them to hold a total of 9 balls. They work not quite as well, as for sure the balls don't feel good as new each time you play; but they're close enough to be more than need to ferment them in the trash can just yet. Same deal, use until felt is no good. Honestly, the mini tennis ball maintainers (they should be called this, as they certainly are not ball revivers as the corny kegs can be) are FAR more convenient, take up zilch space but in your bag, don't require a mini air compressor (sound like a bleeting pig for crying out loud, even the crickets in the cupboard, ceiling tiles, and my hair, shudder and complain!!! ...wheww, glad that's over), or high-quality, high-volume, bicycle pump...not cheap, btw. 'Bout 60 bucks. With a cheap K-Mart special pump...your arms will be tiring from the boring and monotnous pump, plus you'll be hunching over much lately? With the nice pump, it felt like it took a good 1 miniute 44 seconds or so while watching the boob tube in high-figh CRT to pump her up...then it was all over. I did not find the experience terribly satisfying, but it was better than the bleeting mini air compressor which took about 45 seconds of excruciating Casey Gag-Anthony!

By comparison, it was an acceptable happy-medium solution to me, with the added benefit of getting in some nice tennis elbow therapy as well...and hey, that's boring as well. Double your pleasure, I guess.

Really, two big problems to me. For these to be justfiable, A) you need to be able to hold 150 balls or so in a SINGLE container, and B) be able to POUR the balls in and out.

I can't overstate the importance of B) especially, enough! To me, it's pretty freakin' important. The pump you up aspect honestly ain't all that bad, and like I said probably good for the ol' elbow as well; but I can't tell you how frustrating it is to buy something like this for hopper use mainly, and find that it's a no go. It's excruciatingly have to plop out one cute, adorable, baby puppy ball at a time! I mean I love delivering babies y'all in my other life as a baby deliverer...but this is too much time and hassle folks to be practical!

With pressureless balls, yeah they stink like oversized golf ball nut sacks, but you can just take the dump them and forget them approach. Incidientally, I drove cross-country during the heat of summer with the corny keg, and it depressurized in the trunk like by half within three days....

I believe the company said they were working on bringing a new and improved larger opening to market, but then they either went under from lack of interest, or simply stopped caring. The market for these is decidedly small pond...the only thing is, on TW you are liable to think this is a large spacious blue lagoon with a loving and committed, agless Brook Shields who just called really, it's true.

Beyond this board, no one really cares enough about these to mass produce and special order them with an *appropriately* sized opening to be useful for high-volume, DAILY would be required by a serious amateur hobbyist, greedy pig, private tennis club owner...mua-ha-ha! Or, your friendly local neighborhood teaching pro/prviate eye and bounty hunter, named Skip McCallister at your service, I also do window cleaning.

Honestly, I only really see that big green machine thingy or the tennis ball charger 150 being "worth" it in the long haul.

I honestly don't think the corny keg is worth the trouble long haul, UNLESS you can get one with a large enough opening to pour balls. In that case, having to use two or even three of these wouldn't be all that half-bad. Corny kegs are robust like tanks, they look like giant, oversized fire extinguishers that sit in a corner. Picking them up and down and looking like you can hurl it out the window, makes you look and feel like an incredibly strong and masculine He-man in front of your woman. The feeling is just incredible! But that's where the endorsement ends for me.

The tennis ball charger 150 has been around forever, in hindsight I think they got the right balance of attibutes. Niche market, so charge up the wazoo if you hope to stay in business. The people who REALLY gonna need, are gonna buy, and beech and complain all the way to picking up the phone; but yeah, in the end, they probably gonna still buy...muttering, bunch of nice smelling, freaking, paper money for a bunch of no good, stinky, smelly overrated hunk of plastic with a lid, valve stem, and boiling needle point, pressure gauge in it#@%#!!!!!

But then? Yeah, you'll probably in the end be satisfied with it, and not complain no more after the first week. Then, you'll begin to compliment yourself in front of the mirror and flex for no good reason. The tennis ball charger has a built-in pump, can be poured, and holds the holy sweet spot of balls...150 or so, and it's *good to go*.
ClairHarmony, I own two Pro-Bounce canisters to pressurize balls! Chose not to buy the ball washer as my balls are clean.
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