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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
1st serve pts won %

sampras 82 ( 85, 100, 62, 78 )
courier...77 ( 72, 78, 80, 77 )

sampras won at one point 32 1st serve points in a row. that is the second longest streak that i know of.
In the second set of his quarterfinal with Stich, Becker was still at 100% on 1st serve points, according to a graphic onscreen, so I counted them: he won his first 24.

Do you have any high numbers for Goran in this stat? I counted a streak of 22 against Agassi in their Wimbledon final but I don't have any others for him. What about in the '95 semi when he had that long service streak against Sampras, do you know what he did on 1st serve points?
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