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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
i have around 10 or so goran's matches that i did the stats for, but that was few years back and i didn't pay much attention to anything other than my standard stats. i will check these matches again, maybe there are some big streaks. for example, in 1996 hannover match against sampras he was 54/57 on first serve points.
but that doesn't guarantee uninterrupted streak. last match of his i did few months ago, vs martin in grand slam cup, he was 54/58, but the streaks would end after 15-20 points, and start again
I wouldn't be surprised if Goran topped this category. However Sampras did have the better overall game and this stat is not just about the serve, but also about how well you back it up.

Another one: Becker/Sampras '96 Hannover final, I got Becker's service stats for the first two sets. He had a streak of 22 in there, and had lost only 2 points on 1st serve after two sets were played.
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