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Originally Posted by Maui19 View Post
Wow. I often don't call or signal an opponents ball that is clearly out (like several feet long/wide, or blasted into the fence). I feel like that is rubbing it in. However maybe I should make a hand signal regardless of how ridiculously out a ball is.

I also think Cindy asks a good question about officials awarding a point for code violations where the rules don't specify a penalty.

I feel the exact same way. And I get annoyed when opponents ask on balls like that because I'm like "dude you can't feel that you sprayed the **** out of that ball nor could you tell that it sailed several feet long/wide?!?!"

If it's relatively close I can understand and I always make the call one way or the other.

But balls that aren't even close really don't need a visual or audible signal...
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