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Originally Posted by kingdaddy41788 View Post
How can anyone argue that footfaulting isn't cheating? Because "everyone does it"? That's a ridiculous argument. It's cheating. Pure and simple. Every bit as much as hooking someone on a line call. If you're breaking the rule, and you know you're breaking the rule, you're cheating. Period.

I'm 5' 8" and I have no problem serving from behind the baseline. I think everyone else can do it too...
Originally Posted by volleygirl View Post
Exactly. If youre footfaulting all the time, your serve actually sucks. Even if you get them in all the time and your proud of your serves, they are all actually illegal. Call the footfaults!!!!


If you are a foot faulter, you are cheating. It's SO easy to fix-- all you have to do is move back a few inches--no big deal. If someone tells you, you are foot faulting, they are doing you a big favor, because some day it will come back to bite you badly if you compete. Or socially, people will talk behind your back and call you a "FOOT FAULTER" and you will not be invited to the right parties. If people make you aware of the problem and you do nothing to fix it, you are either stupid, arrogant or have psychological problems and should see a tennis psychologist.
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