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[QUOTE=Irvin;6043203. . . Then there is ATW when you mains end at the throat. Some ATW patterns allow you to tie off the top and bottom crosses only with and you will never have a blocked hole or hard weave.

But all these methods have their downfall and there are problem anytime you do not string the racket as the manufacturer recommends.Irvin[/QUOTE]

Out of curiosity, I looked up ATW. Now I'm intrigued and will have to give it a go. My London should be straight forward enough. However, considering that I do not have a starting clamp or a third floating clamp, should I run the top two crosses with the short side, so that I can then clamp them off after tensioning the second cross? Or, could I tension and clamp the first cross on the outside of the frame, using a floating clamp and scrap string?

Now, the K-Zero that a friend gave to my wife: TW recommends a one piece, but the mains end in the throat. I've watched a few videos for this scenario, but I'll have to belabor this a bit more. I'm understanding the concepts of leaving strings out and such, but what would you recommend for me as one who only has two floating clamps?

And I do plan to get either a third floating clamp and maybe a starting clamp in the near future, but I only have a Klippermate, so I'm trying to keep all of this in perspective. Thanks, Irvin.
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