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Let me preface this by saying that whenever you use the short side to run one or two top crosses you are putting a lot of stress on one or more of the four corners of your racket. If you use the short side to run the top cross on a 16 main racket that skips 7 and 9 when you run the long side for the second cross you only have a short distance of the frame from 10h to 9h on the long side to support the string when you do your 90 degree turn. If you run the top two crosses you will have that problem on the short side and another problem on the long side. You will have another short distance of the frame between 10h and 11h when you make the 270 degree turn on the long side. My preference is to run only the top cross and not the top two.

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...My London should be straight forward enough. However, considering that I do not have a starting clamp or a third floating clamp, should I run the top two crosses with the short side, so that I can then clamp them off after tensioning the second cross? Or, could I tension and clamp the first cross on the outside of the frame, using a floating clamp and scrap string? ...
I would run only the top cross for the reason above.

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...Now, the K-Zero that a friend gave to my wife: TW recommends a one piece, but the mains end in the throat. I've watched a few videos for this scenario, but I'll have to belabor this a bit more. I'm understanding the concepts of leaving strings out and such, but what would you recommend for me as one who only has two floating clamps?...
Now you have an example of when you could use an ATW pattern. What you don't want are any hard weaves or any blocked holes. No matter what anyone recommends I think the 2 piece is best for this racket. It is the only pattern that allows you to string top to bottom and not put excessive stress on a small section of string.

Because the mains skip 5h, 7h, 9h, 11h, and 12h I would not use an ATW pattern on this racket. But that racket does show you a small section of racket will support the strings. If you want to string one piece string the crosses bottom up.

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