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Since I haven't skied since '84, KT is a little too much for any of my snowboarding buds, so I don't get to ride there. And at my age, not too many of my buds can ski WestFace or Chute75 any mores.
Fortunately for me, I fell in with a bunch of older guys (well, over 30), who pioneered some solid bump boarding at Sierra and Alpine, so cruising the Face of Heavenly is challenging (without stopping, of course), but doable if I save the showboating for later.
I've actually never tried snowboarding WestFace, but usually go on freshie days to the top of 75, where the first drop in is about 20' of airtime. It's actually easier to handle big drops on a snowboard than it was for me to ski. Main diff is the board stay ON, you can use your hands to slide and push off on, and the initial landing can be less impact, albeit less edge and slower decelleration.
Now at 62, maybe give me the Saddle....
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