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Actually, if you had seen me AFTER I caused the avalanche, you would have been sympathetic, as a simple traverse across an OPEN run caused the rift that started the avalanche, nothing anyone could do about it. The ski patrol was about 50' above the entry to the open run, and only asked if I knew how to snowboard. Never saw him after the avalanche, as he must have seen me all the way across the bowl, safe and high above the rift.
However, if you saw me from the bottom, you would certainly have the right to try to take me out, as I DID start the whole mess.
Try, but I don't think you'd have much chance. Many have tried, including years of high school football and more years than I can count surfing big waves, racing motocross, water ski jumping, snowboarding off cliffs, or road racing on GP bikes.
You've seen my vid hitting serves. A sprained ankle that won't let me run, and I'm still out on the courts. More bravado than common nonsense...
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