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For those of you who don't think loss of point is a fair penalty for failure to make a prompt call, what would you propose would be a fair penalty?

Also, do the roving officials make line calls? If player B had returned the ball, could the official have called it out?

EDIT: From USTA Friend At Court:

FAC Comment VII.D-4: A Roving Umpire should never overrule an extremely
close ball. Players are playing under The Code and are expected to give their
opponents the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, a Roving Umpire should be
reluctant to call a ball out that has been played as good. The overrule of an out
ball that has been played as good may be made only when a Roving Official is
stationed on court.

So I think most of us (not including myself) have been assuming that the official was right there, saw the ball clearly out, and chose to call "failure to make prompt call", rather than calling the ball. It does look like the official would have the discretion to call the ball out.

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