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Originally Posted by spot View Post
We play Rec Tennis. I think pretty much by definition even the good players are mediocre. If you really care about footfaults in rec tennis then you are taking yourself far too seriously.
By my definition "good players" are good because they have the desire to be good players and learn the rules of the sport of tennis, written and unwritten, and try their best to follow them. There's nothing wrong with mediocre, by definition it means average and by definition most folks are average. Am I taking myself "far too seriously"?, I certainly hope so. Although I may never be a champion I hope to strive to be the best I can be at the sport I love, and minimally try to behave like one. And if I'm ever on the court with a champion, I hope not to make as *** out of myself by not knowing and doing the most fundamental things that are easily fixable like foot-faulting.

At the rec level I've given up on getting excited about foot faulting, it would just slow down my practice, BUT I do note it and think less of the person doing it. At the tournament level, a roving umpire would take care of it for me, or if my opponent was doing it egregiously, I would follow the rules and inform them, then call an umpire to officiate, if they continued. Fortunately, I've never had to do that, because good players don't foot fault, or on the rare occasion they do, if called on it, they fix it. They don't cry like a baby and say something stupid and lawyerly, like "It's only a technical violation," or sociopathic like, "I'm going to shove this ball down your throat and kill you".

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