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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Let me preface this by saying that whenever you use the short side to run one or two top crosses you are putting a lot of stress on one or more of the four corners of your racket. If you use the short side to run the top cross on a 16 main racket that skips 7 and 9 when you run the long side for the second cross you only have a short distance of the frame from 10h to 9h on the long side to support the string when you do your 90 degree turn. If you run the top two crosses you will have that problem on the short side and another problem on the long side. You will have another short distance of the frame between 10h and 11h when you make the 270 degree turn on the long side. My preference is to run only the top cross and not the top two. . . . I would run only the top cross for the reason above.
Thanks. I busted a string in one of my Londons last night, so I'll be having a go at stringing my own racquet for the first time. It has been strung 3 times with a two piece, but I may give the one piece a try this time. But as I mentioned, I only have two Klippermate floating clamps, so I'll have to clamp it to the outside of the frame with a scrap piece of string in order to run that top cross on the short side.
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