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Originally Posted by Pneumated1 View Post
Thanks. I busted a string in one of my Londons last night, so I'll be having a go at stringing my own racquet for the first time. It has been strung 3 times with a two piece, but I may give the one piece a try this time. But as I mentioned, I only have two Klippermate floating clamps, so I'll have to clamp it to the outside of the frame with a scrap piece of string in order to run that top cross on the short side.
I don't think you will have any problem at all doing that. You are also going to notice than when you clamp the top cross outside the frame you will then have something to clamp the second cross to when you pull tension on the second cross. I would leave the clamp on the top cross until you have the whole racket strung. You will have to walk a single clamp down for all your crosses. After tying off the bottom cross go back up and tension the top cross again moving the clamp to the inside. Then you can tie off the top cross.

EDIT: Christmas is right around the corner. You need to put a starting clamp on your Christmas list. LOL

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