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I'm answering to my questions Some expert from a lighting forum conclude that the current LED technology is still far from being able to present economically feasible solution for a street and sports lighting. There are several reasons

a. LED chips used in floodlights are still have poor light output. They have even less light output in color temperatures of 3000-6000K (the lower the temperature the warmer the color. And the warmer the light the less output). I believe we need 4000-5000K (daylight with clouds) for a better color rendering.

b. LED chips have watt loss and overheat. They need good conditioning

c. LED chips with hight light output (140-160lm/W) which is on pair with HID bulbs are still very expensive.

d. No one can confirm that LED chips can work 50000-100000 hours. Some people say that in a year or two of work LED chips can loose 50% of their light output.
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