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Originally Posted by Magnetite View Post
It's a great racket. Good control and feel, but you have to supply your own power.

I used to love this racket, along with the blue one that Tomas Muster used. Sweet rackets.
Indeed, I bought my two TriSys 300's, just prior to its re-introduction as the Prestige Tour 300, to alleviate tennis elbow from those stiff racquets those days. With the isolated handle, narrow beam and extreme flex, I used the racquets for 15 years to resolve the elbow problem and continue playing.

As I aged, I thought the racquet had too little power, so I switched to the slightly stiffer, heftier, and heavily damped Prince NXG. This gave more power, but required that I lengthen all my strokes to get desired racquet head velocity. So 3 years later ...

Last week, I switched back to the TriSys 300, and lo-and-behold, the racquet has great power! and control! Its the strokes. You need those long loopy strokes like they say. With its slightly lighter weight, at 12.1 oz strung I believe, I can quickly change from one-hand backhand slice/backspin to topspin, and hit with confidence to clear the net and stay in the court. With my new service motion, i.e. smoother and better trophy pose, the racquet flex and lighter weight allows a quicker final loopback and pronate, and thus excellent power and spin control. The racquet has lots of touch and feel, much different from the hefty NXG.

The racquet also works very well for my extended two-hand backhand, in which I use a unique and unconventional grip to lengthen both stroke and swing radius. I generally reserve this backhand when I wish to blast the ball for down-the-line winners, or sharply angled cross-court returns.

So it wasn't the racquet, it was my strokes ... I had to improve. I believe Goran Ivanisevic played with the Prestige Tour, though probably without the isolation damping in the handle. My pro shop says there is a touring pro still playing with the Prestige Tour. Its still an amazing racquet, after all these years! a classic.
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