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Originally Posted by pshulam View Post
Nice conclusion. Using a racquet that fits style of play does make a big difference, however. I have a few classic Prestige (e.g., TXP, Prestige 600, Prestige Classic 600, Prestige Tour 600). They provide nice feel and control. I was playing well with them but then experienced problems with framing the ball because of clumsy footwork or age (bummer). I found that larger size racquets, such as Babolat Pure Storm Team and Wilson Ultra FPK 95 allow me to return hard serves and fast balls more effectively than do with mid-size racquets. I guess a larger sweet spot does help. The articles linked are very interesting read. Thanks.
Yes, its all in the stroke. Soft, flexible racquets like the Prestige series demand a long stroke to achieve fast racquet head speed and follow through. I just went on Medicare, and thought my old Trisys 300's (~Prestige Tour) were destined for the dust bin -- yet I can now make them perform as intended, even adding elements of the Modern Forehand. The racquet allows for excellent directional control, and one can hit out and still keep the ball in the court. I steer clear of superlight and stiff racquets customary for my age group, as those racquets are more suited for shorter strokes and follow through. Of course, can I do this for another 5 years? Hope so, but its great fun in the meantime.
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