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If your partner can't volley find a new one.

The ladies get broken a lot, relax and focus on grabbing a game here and there.

Slant and L formation:

"L" formation: The only place your partner has responsibility for is her service box and the doubles alley. Hence "L"

"Slant" formation: You partner has rights to her service box and 30-40% of the baseline. Hence "\"

I rarely use "L" unless my pard is a granny with a nice net game and zero mobility.

If you have a good overhead take them all. The best 3.5 females on an 8.0 team have a 6th sense for when to duck and cover.

Another way to win, figure out what shot is her best and try to set it up. I happen to be really good at this which is why I like a pard with a very unbalanced game.
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