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I'm always perplexed why people say you have to provide your own power with rackets like these that have weight and great plow through, and if you string them properly give you incredible pace on your shots. I use even more flexible rackets than a lot of the modern 'low power/provide your own power' rackets and can hit the hell out of the ball.

Do they assume that people are hitting with completely vertical mondo-topspin strokes when they say that? I've yet to hit with a racket with a stiffness over about 50 that I didn't have to string in a way that it made the racket feel like a jackhammer.

Anyway, apart from my little digression, Great stick. I used to have one and while I prefer the slightly more flexible Heads from the 80s, that should be a really delightful racket to take out and play. Enjoy.
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