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If the rules are important to you, then just don't play people who don't understand or abide by the rules. In a tournament or match, there should be someone there to ensure the rules are followed.

At a decent level footfaulting shouldn't be an issue. The last time it caught my attention in a match, I just did not return the serve and left it to the opponent if he wanted to take the point or serve again. I let the ball go right past me without attempting a return so the server asked me what was up, and ended up taking a 2nd serve. Technically if the server footfaults the point is not in play anyway.

I take each point as it comes, and don't worry too much about what happened before or what might happen. The only important point is the one you are playing right at that moment, and if it is a footfault, well it just counts for nothing. I am not interested in playing the point, and if the other guy wants to, well that is up to him. When the ball is actually in play, then I might be a bit more interested.
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