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I play pretty competitive mixed doubles in Atlanta. Out of the last 3 seasons, i can count on one finger the time my female partner was better then my opponents. They are by no means awful, pretty decent, but still struggle against the good guy and better woman. If I serve and volley, which I prefer, they bang it at the woman at the net or lob over her head. So, I chase a lot of balls and hit defensive shots. This gets very frustrating and I find myself trying to hit better shots then I'm capable of hitting. So, match after match, some wins, some losses, I decided that I wasn't seeing enough balls. Now, when I serve, or return serve, I stay back. I'm a pretty good groundstroker and I'll take my chances winning points off the ground or force my opponents into a weak shot which my partner can take care of. If it doesn't work that way, at least I see more balls. I do end up sneaking in at the right time but I like my chances hitting crosscourt with the woman and as the man starts to cheat down the middle i can nail it down the line. It works for me, unless of course, the guy is a lot better then me.
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