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hi jwjh, this is going to be my first time attending AO, but I've been doing some research on the seats.

looking at the RLA seating chart,

I noticed that the upper deck goes from row AA-PP. So it can give you a general idea of how high you're sitting.

I made a mistake of choosing the 'Shade' location which is more popular, therefore was given pretty high up (46-MM for Men's final, 59-KK for Women's final). Considering the games for finals don't start until later in the afternoon, there's no really point getting the 'Shade' location.

If I bought the 'Sun' section I might have gotten better seats. Oh well, lessons learned for next time.

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Hi guys, just got single session tickets for the men's semis and finals. Just wondering if I'll get a good view from section 33, 34(upper deck corner) and 65(upper deck just left of middle section behind baseline) in RLA?
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