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Originally Posted by JLyon View Post
To be honest I am calling a little BS on this story or it is exaggerated since it is coming as a second hand story.
There has to be more to the story, such as did the opponent protest the call, a roving official unless called to court should not be making rulings unless there is a clear mistake such as a clear line-call mistake.

If the ball was obviously out the only thing an official should do is remind the players to make and audible call or a universal hand signal to clarify that the ball was out.

Just can not see a certified official making this type of call, but I would call for the tournament referee and ask about the ruling, there is no dispute on fact I assume that both players agreed the ball was out and the player did not make an audible call, but come on this is league tennis you sound more like an ***** if you call an obvious out ball out, it is not juniors.
Ditto, I can't believe this thread has any legs left.
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