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Originally Posted by Matt H. View Post
i'll also add there were some pretty cute chicks from the Minnesota women's team.
I play mixed with some of them.

My 4.0 team was in the same flight as the 4.0 Northern team that represented us at Nationals. They weren't the most high-powered team, but they played quality tennis. We had to beat them the last match of the year to qualify for playoffs, and lost 2-3 in a tight match. My partner and I were the only people to beat their #1 doubles combo all year.

My experience at 3.5 Nationals a few years back is pretty much echoed with what people have said here. For the most part, it's an enjoyable experience, but you do run into the occasional jerk. There was a guy from So-Cal who hid at doubles, and then lost 3 games in 4 matches at singles when they got to Nationals.
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