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Hey guys, do you know till when are single session tickets sale going to be open till? I really want to go but the people I am making plans with keep backing out/cant afford/already taking too much time off work lol. I'm waiting on one of my friends to get back to me by Thursday if he can make it or not.

If he can't, I'm booking tickets just for myself lol. No way am I missing out on watching Fed/Nadal live if I can help it. I would book the tickets right now if it wasn't for my close friend who also really wants to go, but have to wait till Thursday to find out if he can get time off work. Which is why I ask, when are the tickets sale open till? Are they going to sell out fast?

Cause if they are, screw my friend, I'm gonna buy the tickets now lol.

Also this will be my FIRST time watching pro tennis live, which rounds do you guys suggest I should buy the tickets to? I can really only stay in Melbourne about 6-7 days max. Also any advice for cheap but nice accommodation in the city? I mean the most important thing for me is it being clean, but I cant afford 4/5 star places (I am still a student after all).

Thanks in advance!

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