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Originally Posted by i3602u View Post
gmatheis you missed it the 3.5 are not consistent enough the 4.0 player will tend to dominate the game over the 3.5 players.
Nah, that wasn't my experience at 7.0 mixed.

When I was the 3.0 woman, we usually lost to two 3.5s in 7.0 mixed.

When I was a 3.5 woman, we usually beat 4.0/3.0 pairs.

I think at 7.0, the 4.0 guys are low- to middle-4.0 guys. The stronger 4.0 guys prefer 8.0 mixed.

So what happens in 7.0 mixed is that the 4.0 guy is trying to cover a lot of territory, but he isn't strong enough and makes a lot of mistakes. It is easy to isolate the 3.0 woman by lobbing the 4.0 guy and taking the net, and few 4.0 guys poach aggressively to prevent this.
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