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Originally Posted by azentropy View Post
Curious if those who don't like using a 10pt tiebreaker to decide a match are you ok using a 7pt tiebreaker to decide a 3rd set tied at 6-6 and therefore also the match??? Or really using a tiebreaker to determine any set???

Ideally I would like to play out a 3rd set, but I can understand why a tiebreaker is used. It really isn't that big of deal to me. I just treat it like any other part of the game as as skill to work on.
At 6-all in any set I believe that it was so close that a 7-point tiebreaker is fine to decide it. Those types of sets normally come down to a point either way so it doesn't matter to me whether that is in a tiebreaker or during additional games.

Good's "a skill to work on". I'm going to use that.
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