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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
#1 at UCLA. Quits after his freshman year to go pro.
Gives up full scholarship worth another $200K, and a degree.

Horrible performance as a pro except for 1 tournament where he go to the round of 16 this summer in a challenger and 1 futures win.
Alright not completely horrible, but why not wait a couple more years, get more seasoning, and get your degree, go pro later? It's not as if the $20K you made this year will go very far.

I really don't understand this. This isn't the NBA where you get $1M+ guaranteed for going pro early. There are no guarantees in tennis, and its not as if he was going to make this money up anytime soon.

Anybody know his deal? I like the kid, but man, can't see why he would go pro and give up a nice scholarship like that.
Daniel and his brother felt that it was now or never.
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