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Originally Posted by socaltennnis View Post
naw. dk left the team on good terms with the coach and teammates. last year, he had been playing all of the usa futures in between his college matches, skipping most of the fall tournaments including last year's ITA All-Americans. at ojai, even though most top pac 10 players play, typically ucla's top players (kohloffel, abid, srugo) in years past do not compete, often playing only in the doubles draw or not at all. basically it was always dk's plan to go pro and thats why he played all of the american futures while in college. the question was when he should move on. and for dk, he is really dedicated to tennis and he sees tennis as something he wants to do for a long time. for those talking about if dk will need to pay for tution if he goes back to school, i dont see dk going back to college either. he left cause he wants tennis to be his career.
Fair enough. But realize that for 98% of players on tour, its a money-losing proposition. It costs a lot to compete year after year. And then you come back and that scholarship is gone.

I dunno, an education worth, lets call it $100K, fine, is still worth a lot. UCLA room, board, books etc is pretty pricey.
Degree would come in handy when trying to get a real job in a tough job market when tennis doesn't work out.
Trying to go back to college at 28-32 years old and pay full boat...well, good luck with that, most don't do it. He'll end up a country club pro at best. Nothing wrong with that...I guess.
You're telling me he couldn't compete in 3 more years? Didn't hurt all. Young could have benefited from it too.

Anyway, it's his life. I get it. But its not now or never. Let him grow physically, learn the game more, play top collegiate players. Just seems shortsighted.
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