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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
Fair enough. But realize that for 98% of players on tour, its a money-losing proposition. It costs a lot to compete year after year. And then you come back and that scholarship is gone.

I dunno, an education worth, lets call it $100K, fine, is still worth a lot. UCLA room, board, books etc is pretty pricey.
Degree would come in handy when trying to get a real job in a tough job market when tennis doesn't work out.
Trying to go back to college at 28-32 years old and pay full boat...well, good luck with that, most don't do it. He'll end up a country club pro at best. Nothing wrong with that...I guess.
You're telling me he couldn't compete in 3 more years? Didn't hurt all. Young could have benefited from it too.

Anyway, it's his life. I get it. But its not now or never. Let him grow physically, learn the game more, play top collegiate players. Just seems shortsighted.
His family probably worked out some sort of sponsors from somewhere. LOL this attitude is why americans are behind at are telling someone who is currently ranked 385 that he should have stayed in school? are you kidding me.
My advice would be for DK to get out of the states for tennis. This is the only country where if you are 385 that you are losing money. If I was in his same shoes I would move to Argentina, they have 15-20 futures a year just there, also u have Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile where is very cheap to travel too. The Cost of living in argentina is really cheap, with the 15k he makes in Prize money he can easily cover his expenses and travel down in that region. And since the tournaments are close to home compared with the states. You don't need to pay hotel when you lose, u drive 3 hours and you are back home. Another way us americans are bent over when trying to go pro.

But Im glad to see him go pro. for me, if you can make it to 400 on your first year, and only 20 years should go for it,

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