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Talking That'll work...

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Totally agree.

In our match, I found myself catching balls a tad late and not being aggressive like I would like. I would hesitate and wonder if I should take that ball and where my partner was. Doesn't work.

I think where we've left is that I will call "Mine" for any ball I want. I actually spent a clinic drill calling "Mine" for every ball hit right to me, just to get it to be a habit.

We will be using this same approach to handling lobs over the net player, as we have different ideas about who should call a lob. She says the deep player should call it; I say net players have responsibility to call or to hit any lob going over their head.
..."mine" is pretty definitive, and a lot more Socially Acceptable than "Hey...WTF do you think you're doing? I've got it, so why don't you just go park yourself in the cheap seats?"
Watch the ball, hit it hard, and don't think...
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