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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Pretty acknowledged that the Colts have the worst O line.
I said ONE OF, not the worse.

When you have bad pass protection, you don't run around in the pocket looking for 4th and 5th alternatives.
Part of the reason for the 49'ers success is that Smith gets rid of the ball ala Peyton.
When Smith tries to make something happens, he get's hit and fumbles, throw IT's, or misses by a mile.
You know, the classic 3 step drop and THROW THE BALL. Slants, outs, and fly's give the receivers a fair chance to catch a bad throw.
When you have bad pass protection, sometimes the defenders are still on you after 3 steps. Do you know how fast some of these D-linemen are? It's not as simple as you make it sound, or else anyone could play QB in the NFL. Even after Vick's getting rid of the ball he's getting crushed because of the weak o-line.
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